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Monroe Wisconsin

Why is Upper Cervical Care so important to correcting Atlas Misalignments and improving our Central Nervous System Communication?

Most all nerves of the body have to communicate through one vital point, the area where the spinal cord meets the brain stem.  This crucial connection is protected by one vertebra, C1 also known as the Atlas.

In order to have uninterrupted communication between the brain and body, the brainstem must be free of interference.  Not only does the Atlas protect the connection between the brainstem and spinal cord, it also allows for proper flowing communication in our nervous system.  An Atlas misalignment can potentially lead to negative effects on the body.  Correcting a misalignment restores the communication pathway essential for proper function.

Our skull sits directly on top of the Atlas.  Because of this unique relationship, the slightest misalignment can throw off the entire alignment of our spine resulting in structural imbalances.  These structural imbalances can result in negative consequences.

Upper cervical care was designed to gently and safely correct Atlas misalignments allowing for proper nerve system communication and structural function.  Realigning the Atlas helps facilitates proper function and health within the body.

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