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What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is quite a common condition affecting as many as 10 percent of people in the United States under the age of 40. Once someone passes the age of 40, the number jumps to 40 percent! In recent years, 2.5 percent of visits to the emergency department were from vertigo.

Vertigo can originate from altered blood flow into the head.  If this is determined to be the issue, and one can correct the flow of blood, vertigo can be eliminated.

Upper Cervical Care for Vertigo

A study was performed on 60 patients complaining of having vertigo. They all received care from an upper cervical chiropractor. As many as 80 percent of them saw their vertigo go away completely. The remaining 20 percent? They reported seeing a huge improvement in their vertigo. An interesting connection was made, however. All 60 participants reported having some sort of head trauma before the onset of vertigo. This shows a vital connection between a misalignment in the bones of the upper neck and vertigo.

Here at New Leaf Chiropractic, we help our vertigo patients by using a gentle adjusting method called Atlas Orthogonal. We do an extensive discovery process which include three specific x-rays of the upper cervical region to determine if a misalignment exists.  If this is determined we do a very specific low force adjustment to the Atlas vertebra correcting the misalignment. Usually patients will notice changes following their first adjustment. Additional adjusting is needed to fully correct the vertigo, and the number of adjustments is different for each individual case.

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