Specializing in Upper Cervical and Youth Adjustments
Monroe Wisconsin

About New Leaf

New Leaf Chiropractic is located in Monroe, Wisconsin. Our goal is helping individuals grow healthier and happier by giving their bodies the opportunity to express optimum function naturally.

Our services include:

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Meet Dr. Peter Schmitt, D.C.

Meet Dr. Julie Schmitt, D.C.

Drs. Peter and Julie Schmitt are 1996 graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport IA.  With over 22 years of Upper Cervical clinical experience they have helped thousands of patients, from infants through the elderly.  Prior to relocating to southern Wisconsin in 2004, the chiropractic duo practiced in Dover Delaware for 8 years. Both Dr. Pete and Dr. Julie are certified in nutrition through the state of WI.  They attribute their high level of success with patients to their combined use of chiropractic along with the use of nutritional supplementation.

Drs. Pete and Julie reside just North of Monroe.   They enjoy their off time with their three children.  Involved in many activities the Schmitt kids keep mom and dad hopping.

The Drs. purpose is to help as many people as possible regain and maintain their health.  Always trying to spread the word of natural health through chiropractic and nutrition the doctors are available to present to local groups and clubs.

New Leaf Chiropractic is located at the Marketplace at Monroe, 301  6th Ave. West Suite 103 (across from Walmart).

Costs and Payments

We accept most major insurances including Medicare and Wisconsin Medicaid. We would be happy to call to check your individual plan for Chiropractic coverage.

Costs are dependent on each individual’s needs and the complexity of your condition.We would be happy to offer you a free consultation with the doctor to discuss your specific needs, and give you a more specific cost based on your needs for chiropracticspinal rehab, and nutrition services.